Tuesday, 24 November 2009

what's in the window?

The Window changes alot at Fabrications but at the moment it's all about baked goods! There's crochet cupcakes and biscuits, and some amazing ceramic cakes by Robert Archer (you may have seen his stuff at the V&A's village fete in the summer!) His knitted playstation controller is also amazing!

These embroidered boxes are by Taman Sheikh, whose currently studyingTextiles at Chelsea college of Art aren't they lovely! Perfect for carrying your crochet cakes in! Which she also made along with the biscuits!

Meet Christina! A regular Fabrications vistor and an avid knitter, last time I met her she was proudly showing an amazing cardigan she'd knitted and this week she showed us this stunning vest and hat combination! Her hats are particularly incredible as she plays with mixing yarns and wire to manipulate the shape of the hat! She's going to be running a workshop demonstrating her wire and yarn mixing talents at Fabrications some time next year so keep a look out as I'm sure it will be amazing!
We are busy today getting ready for Hidden Art this weekend! Hope to see you there!

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