Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year's Revolutions

There is a new generation of women (and men!) that are reclaiming lost craft skills in order to raise awareness on global injustices and environmental issues and at the same time are also creating community.
One such movement that is growing in popularity is 'Craftivism'.
Simply - Activism + Craft = Craftivism

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Corbett last summer at Fabrications. She has set up the Craftivist Collective. Shortly after meeting Sarah I received a 'Mini Protest Banner Kit' through the post. This unexpected delivery really made my day! The Craftivist Collective's approach evokes a modern day version of the Suffrage banners. The Women's library has one of largest collections in the UK.

Inside the kit, you get everything you need to create your own mini protest banner - cross stitch fabric, embroidery silks, embroidery needle, instructions/type face/quotes to help you sew your thought provoking message. Once you've stitched your message you attach it to a pre eyeletted piece of fabric. The kit also contains zip ties so you can attach your mini banner to railings in a public place and hopefully make people stop, read and think!

Sadly however my new year's revolution message of 'Create Change' only lasted 2 days on my location of choice - a barrier used to contain our Saturday market on Broadway Market, with a 'Do not Obstruct' sign, which I thought was in keeping.
I wonder who took down my mini protest banner? and why?

The Craftivist Collective meet up once a month on a Thursday evening in the Royal Festival Hall. Check out their website to join the group, receive their newsletter. Happy subversive stitching!

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