Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What's in the window?

For some time now we've been noticing an upsurge in facial hair growth, whiskers and grooming in the Broadway Market area. On Saturdays especially, beard and moustachios are rife, snuffling and wiggling their stuff down the runway. The larger, combed, waxed and sculpted the better!

But Ladies, children and beardless men
- no need to look upon in envy!

Katherine Eeves has the solution! A knit your own beard pattern!
Now even longer and one size fits all!

Katherine Eeves has created this month's window display. She is a talented textile illustrator now residing in Hackney. For more information about her and her work check out her blog.

So do not hesitate any further! Pick up Katherine's 'Tufty' (but easy to..!) knit your own beard pattern today for £4 or a knit your own beard kit for £8.

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