Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Eco Factory

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we can reveal that 'The Eco Factory' and the 'Transcendental gypsy caravan of creativity' are on the road! As I type, it is winding its way down to Vintage at Goodwood (Check out this link for a list of activities and entertainment on offer from the Eco Factory at Vintage)

Image taken by Chris Robinson

The Eco Factory has been initiated by Annie Sherburne, in her words it is " inspired by Andy Warhols New York Factory where creative people collaborated and helped to change and define the cultural world. Here is the new Eco Factory creating the aesthetic of ecological design. We believe it is being defined by how people work together and share their individual genius, vision, imagination and expertise"

Here is the lovely Annie

What happens in the Eco Factory?
You Co-design with one of the talented designers of the day, you might try 1 or more of the following:

knit, felt, sew, make collars, crochet, deconstruct/reconstruct, pattern, pleat, slash, natural dyes, print, embroidery, patching, darning, needle lace, rug making, knitting Nancy, cords and tassels, pom-poms, button making, hems, hats, taking in taking out, alterations, beading, fascinators, flights of fancy, and more!

Why are we doing this?

Again in Annie's words:
"Design-lead, interactive use of peoples talent meets existing stuff. Co-designing intervention is recreation, and replaces recycling as it currently exists. Often recycling is kindly meant, but aesthetically is really apologetic shabbiness.
Shopping is entertainment, and in truth most people do love it. It is culturally and socially very important. We at Eco Factory believe that shopping does not need to insist on constant exchange of premade repetitive objects, which in themselves perpetuate environmental destruction.
Here bespoke meets customisation, social interaction, employment for our diverse design community, economic activity within a new pattern of environmental maturity, and most importantly, an enjoyable experience of living for everyone"

* Look out for the Eco factory + Transcendental gypsy caravan at various locations around the London Design Festival in September. I'll be reporting in a 'What On + Where?' on my blog! *

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