Monday, 6 September 2010

Campaign for wool

HRH Prince Charles has launched a Campaign for wool. There is a schedule of activities planned for 'Wool Week' (11 - 17th October) I asked the PR company 'Mission' what's planned but they are currently keeping them up their sleeve, so I look forward to what woolly activities will ensue!
Good on his HRH for highlighting the benefits of British wool, a wonderful homespun sustainable resource which believe it or not inspite of the current knitting boom is undervalued - many farmers are fleeced or have to burn them! So I thought it timely to draw your attention to a wonderful project I worked on with Sue Russell, who wrote to HRH to invite him along (and received a lovely letter back) to 'The Wool-n-Dance', which aims to raise awareness for wool, using vast quantities of it and with the dancing feet of hundreds of participants to create a giant carpet! In 2008 the Thames Festival commissioned us to host a 'Wool-n-Dance', an 8m diameter carpet was created with the kind sponsorship of kilos of British wool from Andrew Bowman of Northbank Wool. The carpet depicted the British wool mark in the middle surrounded by lots of feet! Here is a film showing the making of the carpet and the Thames Festival - sit back, get your knitting out + enjoy!

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