Thursday, 28 October 2010

Our window has been Monstified!

Thanks to Ayda Anlagan for her amazing 'Monstify' creations and 'Monstify over' service we have a wicked spooky window display for Halloween. Please come down and have a look, these pictures don't give justice to the level of detail and imagination in her 'anatomical crochet with a twist'. All items are also for sale, so get them while they are fresh!!
I came across Ayda's work at this year's Designers Block. She was exhibiting with the Puff + Flock design collective. Through adding crocheted eyes, Ayda believes that anything can be monstified! Giving life and theatre to any inanimate object.

The wool monster!

Any one seen my tea cup?
I'm finding it hard to see by the light of these crochet candles!

Watch out for the cookie monster!

My crochet heart is not on my sleeve but on a platter!

Watch out after dark, you may get caught up in a
giant spider's web!

ALSO FOR 1 WEEK ONLY from this Saturday
* DOMINQUE's POP UP vintage
fabric + haberdashery SALE *

Come and look through a fabulous collection of fabric lengths, samples, trims, lace, embroidered linen, hat making materials, buttons, buckles, darning yarns and much more on original cards and packaging and in good goody bags at bargain prices!

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