Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sustainable gift wrapping

Last week we were very happy to wave goodbye to a large order of our 'Rethink Rubbish' sustainable gift wrapping kits to Amnesty International. I thought it might be of interest to share some of the process with you.

A sack full of vintage scarves on arrival

This is how the scarves arrive from the recycling factory. We then sort into different colour ways for laundering. Then scarves are styled together according to colours and design into 3's and then the ironing marathon commences! (Any scarves with holes or stains get set aside for cutting up for our Rosette + Fascinator kits or educational workshops - so nothing is wasted here at Fabrications!) Alongside bows and rosettes are also made.

A box full of gift wrapping kits at departure

The 3 scarves are then packed with 2 handmade bows + rosettes with an instruction card showing how to wrap your gift in a scarf using the Japanese art of 'Furoshiki'

All safely packed before the next destination

The final result, I think you will agree is very stylish and it's re usable, so that's 2 gifts in one! Maybe even 3 if you count the handmade bows + rosettes which can be worn. As well as being available at Amnesty's shop, the kits are available at Fabrications and a number of other quality outlets. We will also be offering the gift wrapping as a service at Fabrications for all of December and also at the East London Design show.


Charissa said...

I'm very intrigued! Thanks for sharing.

Fabrications said...

Thankyou Charissa! Love your gift wrapping blog!