Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fair Fares Now! - a Railway Adventure

The Craftivist Collective have teamed up with Climate Rush to support them in delivering their latest high profile campaign "A Railway Adventure" protesting against the governments plans to increase train fares by 31% over the next 4 years. Train fares are already really expensive and this move will only encourage people to jump in their cars or catch a cheap flight to travel the UK.
Come and join them on a stitch in at your nearest train station, next Sunday (10th April) at 1pm. Bring along a needle, thread and some fabric to create a carriage to be included in the longest train petition bunting! Don't worry if you havn't got the materials or done any embroidery before, there will be many friendly hands around to help you get involved!
This is a national campaign, with groups participating all around the country from Bangor to Brighton! Join one and all!
As usual both activist's groups aims are to raise awareness in a positive, social and creative way - so get on board!

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