Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We are OPEN again!

Last Saturday we RE OPENED our shop doors again after 4 months of refurbishment works. The new back space or 'Imaginerium' still has some finishing and signing off to happen but at least the shop is open again! Thankyou to all those hellos, welcome back and we missed you comments! I've got a warm fuzzy felt feeling inside and glad to be back!

A few days prior I thought I'd make an impromptu visit to Prick your Finger to catch up with Rachael and Louise and pick up some of their knitted letters to read OPEN + CLOSED for a new door sign.
On arrival I used their new robust, weatherproof crocheted doorbell! Rachael + Louise bounced out 'Yeah it works!' The doorbell had only just been installed.
I asked about letters for my new door sign and Rachael pulled out their 'forged felted Mark Pawson' door sign from under their counter and presented it to me - 'We think you should have this and keep it circulating'.
The story behind this sign is that when PYF first opened Mark Pawson posted one of his iconic perspex signs through their door with an invoice without invitation. The girls were a bit taken aback as they had not requested the sign and the shop had just opened on a shoe string and no budget for perspex signs! So they decided to re create Mark's sign in felt!

Anyway, no hard feelings only soft fuzzy felt ones and I am chuffed that as PYF gets a new doorbell I have acquired sign! I wonder which shop should have it next?? Suggestions please!

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