Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Knitters go wild in Hackney!

Our town hall square has been transformed overnight! On Saturday, I got the tip off in the shop that 'the woolly transformation' or 'yarn storm' would take place late on Sunday night. On Monday morning reporter Massey was at the scene! And what a beautiful and colourful scene it is! All 12 trees in Hackney's town hall square have been lovingly wrapped in knitted and crocheted patchwork covers, reminiscent of Freddie Robins tree cosies. I'm sure the trees are really happy with their new warm jackets! As are the passers by that I saw inspecting the trees, looking and smiling!


Lynda Howells said...

Ha..l had decided to try anmd do somethinmg like this ion looks greatx lynda

Lynda Howells said...

oh forgot to ask..did you "JUST" do or did you get permission before had and what was the councils reaction?Ha! Thanks Lynda

Fabrications said...

Hi Lynda,
The group that did these, just did it, wrapping the trees late at night! Sadly Hackney council (I'm assuming) have already removed the cosies, they only stayed up for 4 days - shame. Locals loved them!

claire platt said...

These are excellent! Shame they only lasted 4 days!

p.s I've just linked to your blog as part of a Liebster award:

love your updates! x

Fabrications said...

Thankyou so much Claire! X