Monday, 26 November 2012

DIY Christmas!

As the festive season is nearly upon us, here at Fabrications HQ, I'm planning a "Re design Christmas Craft Club", taking place every Wednesday, starting this week. Inspired by the book "Why don't you Re-Design Christmas?" published by the organisation Re Design (and featuring some ideas by me and on sale at Fabrications!) the aim of the club is to demostrate different resourceful gift and decoration making ideas which are quick and effective, money saving, recycled and beautiful and we guarantee you will have fun with others while doing it! I've also invited along some eco designer guests - Rebecca Alderman (Girl with Beads) and Annie Sherburne to share their expertise.

Week 1: Upcycled Christmas Decorations. CLICK HERE 
Week 2: Bows, Ties & Bow-Ties. CLICK HERE
Week 3: Personalised Santa Sacks. CLICK HERE
Week 4: Lovely Bubbly Fascinator Party. CLICK HERE

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