Monday, 7 October 2013

Some thoughts on Collectivism

These thoughts have been whirling around my mind for some time now, perhaps even most of my life, having been brought up in rural North Wales in the 70's where a sense of community and working together is embedded into the welsh culture.

Somewhere along the line, there has been a prevailing attitude of  "look out out for No 1" and not to worry about or look too deeply at the consequences of our actions on others. (positive and negative)

Recently at the Holloway Arts Festival, Rowan Arts screened Ken Loach's film "The spirit of 45" which I went along to watch. It is a powerful and rather upsetting (I cried at the end!) documentary style portrayal of the re building of Britain following the second war including the creation of social welfare, the NHS, the railways, manufacturing and employment and then the slow disassembling, erosion and privatisation under the election of Margaret Thatcher in the 80's. Ken Loach juxtaposes archive footage of soldiers and working class people declaring "We came together to fight the war, we can now come together to work for good" versus Harry Enfield's "Loadsa Money!" character.

When I set up the 'Upcycling Academy' 3 years ago with the aim of raising awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, I also wanted the Upcycling Academy to promote and demonstrate the power of collaboration. To bring together different independent organisations working together to deliver a message / activities, actions in a fun, creative and informed way. So I approached Traid, who approached War on Want.

The first Upcycling Academy took place at the Knitting & Stitching shows. It was interesting to observe the overwhelming feedback we received from an older generation on how good it was to see different organisations working together in this way and how unusual it was! Has the spirit of 45 really been lost?

As Nadia Idle, outreach officer at War on Want succinctly put it in her recent post on the Craftivist Collective's blog " The value of the collective, of coming together to act. Let us reject greed and profit as a motivation and rejoice in activities that bring us together to make things better for ourselves and others"

The Upcycling Academy will be taking place once again at this year's Knitting & Stitching show at Alexander Palace. Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th October. This year the Craftivist Collective are joining forces too.
Why don't you come along too??

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