Friday, 3 January 2014

Out with the old in with the new

"Out with the old and in with the new" are very rare words at Fabrications! More likely is the practise of "In with the old to bring out the new". But at the end of last year I found myself upgrading the much loved shop Chesterfield sofa, aka Tommy the cat's throne or giant scratching post.

Last act of resistance from Tommy the cat as the old sofa is collected and moved out of the shop

The sofa was originally rescued from a street corner in Deptford, South London about 10 years ago. At that stage I sensed it had already led a very full life, as it was missing it's seating cushions and had aged with laughter lines and marks around the edges. But I felt there was life in the old dog eared sofa yet.

Saxoneers deliver the new Chesterfield sofa

So I recreated the seating cushions as best I could using what was to hand - some red vinyl offcuts and reclaimed foam, and the old Chesterfield sofa had a second youth. Being taken around various festivals and events (see forthcoming album!) And keeping many a partner comfortable while the other half browsed the shop and of course providing Tommy the cat a platform to meet and greet his adoring fans!

Barley tries out the new sofa

So how is it that I managed to replace such a reliable, well loved friend? The new version was offered as a gift, which would have been rude to refuse! Handmade in Britain by Saxon, who have been hand crafting Chesterfield's for over 30 years. So I hope you will forgive me dear reader, but I can reassure you that my old sofa has found a new life in a basement cinema / speakeasy and goes on to live another day!

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