Friday, 16 May 2008

Remember Me

See your cherished threads transformed
through Barley Massey's 'Remember Me' commissioning service.

'Remember Me' enables you to bring along clothing or textiles which hold sentimental value to be remade into comforting furnishings for the home, treasured gifts for yourself or your loved ones, long lasting memories.

'Remember Me' is made up of 3 strands:

'forget-Me-Not' - Remembering lost loved ones

'School Days' - Remembering 'the best days of your life!'

'Early Years' - Remembering your children's first moments

Please come and visit Fabrications this month to see the first specialy created window display in the series honouring 'Forget-Me-Not', in which Barley has transformed a wardrobe of clothes (including some of her mum's) into a range of interior furnishings and textile pieces.

'Forget-Me-Not' items incorporate interactive elements for greater connection. Bringing peace, comfort and joy.

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