Tuesday, 1 July 2008


This month we will be out and about at the following locations:

Saturday 5th July The Big Day Out in Whittington Park. Part of the Holloway Arts Festival
KNIT LARGE knit your own designer scarf using our GIANT knitting needles or BIG french knitting stools. There will be a heap of inspirational chunky yarns to work with.
RECYCLED ROSETTES make a rosette or patch from a pick n mix of reused and recycled fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sequins and more!
We will be in the Arts + Craft Zone (FREE)

Monday 7th July Royal Festival Hall, level 3, 5.30 - 7.30pm
Hyperbolic Crochet contibute to UK's first crochet corel reef which is currently on display at the Hayward Gallery and the Royal Festival Hall. Feel free to bring along your crochet hook and plastic bags! This spectacular collabrative project has been conceived by Margaret + Christene Wertheim of the Institute for figuring in Los Angeles. They've already initiated a number of hyperbolic crochet reefs in America. This is what they had to say about it " when most people see the Reef the first thing they do is laugh. It is woolly jumpers and higher geometry and girlie power and ecological awareness and mad texan housewives all at once"
We will be on level 3 and it's (FREE!)

Thursday 24th - Sunday 27th Secret Garden Party, for info click here
Emotional Baggage Handling Service - Your weekend starts and ends here!

Thursday : Check in your Emotional Baggage (No excess Baggage charges here!) and set your SMART objectives for the weekend (and beyond!)
Friday - Sunday : All day Emotional Baggage Handling + activities including: 'Everyone's a winner rosette making' creating positive affirmations and personal mottos, 'Get your Skelletons out of the cupboard' make your own demon puppet.
Evening activities : 'Tea + Sympathy', 'The Hypothecary' and the 'Debating Society'

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