Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Lend us your hands and feet to make the 'Wool-N-Dance' happen!

The “Wool-N-Dance” is a dance floor with a difference - it's slippery and wet!
Dance to the rhythm of live music and fuse 100% British wool fibres into a giant carpet underfoot in all weather conditions.
Get moving, exercising and doing serious work but most importantly enjoying it!

Around the dance floor the 'Wool-N-Dance' crew give workshops in felting, spinning, giant knitting and weaving in constant turns - passing on old crafts and new skills in a fresh way.

Come and join us at the following locations:

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield - Sunday 24th + Monday 25th August Bank holiday weekend. (FREE)

Thames Festival, outside the Royal Festival Hall, London – Saturday 13th + Sunday 14th September. (FREE)

The protype! Reading Rock Festival 2003

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