Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Rethink Rubbish

We launched our new Rethink Rubbish craft kits at this year's Pulse show. With a growing interest in craft and sustainability they were well received.
Our aim is to pass on different craft techniques and show that you can create beautiful / interesting items out of waste. One person's rubbish is another's treasure! Through my own design practise and collecting of 'waste' from local business and textile recycling factories, I have become very aware of how much materials and clothes get thrown away on a daily basis.

There are currently 4 kits in the range, which have evolved from our tried and tested workshops. Each kit contains enough re used materials and basic equipment for each project / technique and are assembled at the Fabrications studio with a sprinkling of love + fun! The printing and packaging is also eco friendly

The sustainable gift wrapping kit combines the Japanese art of 'Furoshiki' with vintage head scarves and bows. The kit contains 3 different sized head scarves (washed + ironed!) 2 bows / rosettes (with safety pins on) and instructions. A stylish way of giving and re usable!

Make your own recycled rosette kit includes enough materials (strips of re used ties, head scarves, fabrics, ribbons, lace) to make 5 rosettes. There is also basic sewing stuff for embellishing your creation (needle + cotton, buttons, safety pins..) The instruction card shows 4 different methods of creating a rosette / corsage.

Knit your own Mp3 / phone case shows you how to create your own bag yarn out of old plastic bags. There are also how to knit instructions, a simple pattern, a set of knitting needles and enough pre prepared bag yarn for the project.

Learn to weave on a simple frame includes a DIY style frame (we hope it will inspire you to create different sized ones or your own) and a range of different re used materials to experiment with. The A5 instruction card shows you how to warp up the frame, weave on it and how to finish your weave. You could make a tapestry style picture or a piece of fabric (for a purse, a table mat? - up to your imagination!)
Thank you Jawa and Midwich for your help with the graphics and to James Champion for your wonderful product shots!

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