Wednesday, 9 September 2009


My friends Knitty Gritty and I have been busy knitting bees this month. We are getting ready for the London Design Festival.

Skandium have kindly invited me to cover a collection of iconic Iittala products in knitwear for window installations in their Brompton Road and Marlybone High Street stores.

I hope you can visit the 'Knit - Wit' installations, which runs from September 24th until 27th.

Keep an eye out for the free 'Knit-Wit-Kits' which will be in circulation at various locations around the design festival. The kits contain how to knit instructions, needles, wool with lots of exciting information about iittala and Skandium and a competition too!
Please e-mail or your own knit wit creations as a result of finding a kit!
Happy hunting!!

I hope my choice of salvaged yarns and re used materials (eg the Aalto vase has a recycled plastic bag curvaseous cover) reinforces Iittala's great ethos of "lasting design against throwawayism"

and brings an appreciation of good quality craftmanship and a sense of imagination and fun......
Photography by Reuben Steains

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