Thursday, 4 March 2010

UFO Handover

It was a great evening at the Fabrications club at Off Broadway last night. Very multi layered indeed..... In the early shift (6pm - 8.30pm) Skye and Richard joined me.
On an other occasion, I had told Skye about Rachel Matthew's UFO administration service. Interested by this idea, last week she brought along an elaborate piece of colour work knitting acquired from one of her relatives, to the club. However not quite ready to part with the piece that evening we arranged that perhaps Skye could come along Rachel's knitting class at Fabrications last Sunday. Sadly she did not make it, but last night she did, having telephoned Rachel and made arrangements for her UFO! I am now looking after Skye's UFO and will be passing it over to Rachel very soon. I feel very pleased to act as a UFO handover agent!!

"Across the world hidden in cupboards, are accumulations of half knitted works. On conception, the ideas were filled with love and contemplation. For various reasons, sometimes sad, the projects have stalled. The patterns may be lost, and the yarn ran out, but with hours of skilled effort, these pieces are rarely thrown away. They are hidden in drawers, left to harbour unexplained feelings. Recently abbreviated to 'UFO', unfinished objects seem to affect nearly every knitter" Rachael Matthews 2009.

Rachael initiated the 'UFO administration service' for the Jerwood contemporary makers 2009 exhibition. But the service lives on beyond the exhibition!
The service was so well used with participants finishing off these objects in very creative and unexpected ways, injecting a new lease of life into these lost projects, she has decided to continue the service.

After Skye and Richard's departure the next wave of crafters came to the club, including Cami and her team from Continental Drifts and we stayed til closing time!

The Fabrications Club @ Off Broadway is every Wednesday evening from 6pm. Bring along your crafting projects and stories!

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