Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What's in the window?

Inspired by Claire Platt's posts while she was here, I'm continuing her theme of featuring our window displays. This month meet Clemence Joly, creator of our current display 'The Wool Butchery'

Clemence is a graphic designer and a very imaginative crocheter as well! She has re created a traditional french butcher's window using a variety of wool textures to capture different meats.

" Bonjour! Can I have a pound of saucisson sec and a couple of balls of wool, please"

My favorite has to be her pig's head, with an apple in it's mouth. Bien fait Clemence!


claire platt said...

that looks incredible! wow!

Fabrications said...

Thanks Claire! Hope you're well.
Yes it is! Such attention to detail and choices of yarn to capture different meat textures!