Monday, 9 August 2010


Image taken by Penny Cliff of 'Immediate Theatre'

Meet the 'Good Companions Club' who get together every Tuesday afternoon at 'The Kabin', a muti functional community centre in the Kingsmead Estate, Homerton.

I had the pleasure of working with them on a collaborative project with dynamic duo Penny + Tony of Immediate Theatre and Eco Active (featured in my last post)

It was a very poetic, multi stranded project combining improvisational theatre, writing, weaving, upcycling and lots of cups of tea!
With Immediate Theatre the Good Companions had started to develop a series of characters for a new play. Several items of clothing were selected from the Kabin's thrift store which embodied the different characters personalities at different points in their lives.
Through the process of weaving strips of those garments together, the personalities were dissected further and their different relationships were explored and fused together in a large backdrop. This will be used in the play and is currently on display at the Kabin. I think the Good Companions did so well - I love it! And such a pleasure working with everyone.

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