Thursday, 4 November 2010

Piecing Patchwork

Katherine May's 'Piecing Patchwork' class here last Sunday was so interesting. In this session as well as showing techniques Katherine gives the space for participants to bring in their own projects or explore a new idea with her guidance. And what fantastic ideas and projects came in through the door!
There was mother and daughter team Louise and Pauline Hunt. Louise had found a great little footstool in a skip and wanted to recover it with her own patchwork fabric. Artist/writer Rebecca LaMarre wants to explore patchwork in her work. Anita Barnard along with her friend Christena Grove want to create a community patchwork picnic quilt for their newly wed friends. Anita had sketched out their warehouse home which she discussed ways of interpreting this into patchwork and got to work! She will be distributing patches from her outline design amongst their circle of friends to sketch and decorate - how nice is that!

Meanwhile Tendayi brought in 100's, more like 1000's of tiny hexagon patches which she's been creating most of this year. Apparently this is what happens when you attend the 'Stitch Up' V+A late night event for the quilting exhibition and get given a free sewing kit containing small hexagon templates!!

Subsequently she confessed that she now only sees textiles in terms of mini hexagons! Her ironing board covers have been hexed, favorite old clothes, bandannas. Watch out for any hexagon shaped holes out there!! We look forward to seeing what Tendayi creates, last confirmed idea was a map of the world quilt.


Lis said...

Love those hexies!

Fabrications said...

Such a great shape!

Tendayi said...

Yay! Thanks Barley - I always have fun at Fabrications!!

Update: I now have 1113 little hexagons... almost half way!!

Today, I was hexing on the tube and a lovely girl called Mink who I'd never met before asked me what I was doing... long story short, turns out she's an evening wear designer. She had some samples in her bag and gave me a piece of shiney shiney silver fabric to include in my patchwork...

Mink - if you're out there, I managed to get 3 lovely hexagons out of it. Ta!


Fabrications said...

Hi Tendayi,
Thanks for the update!
Brilliant, love it! I wonder what other fabrics you may come upon as you hex your way around London??!