Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What's in the window?

I've been pondering on what to put in Fabrications Christmas window. I'd better get my skates on as I'm well behind on Oxford Street terms but I didn't want to spoil the magic!
Let me know what you think on the options below?

This year I'm spoilt for choice - a knitted nativity scene (which is for sale POA) or knitted Christmas decorations (£10 - £15 each) ....

Meet Hackney resident Simon Kingsley, who's mum created all these wonderful knitted festive items. Simon is an accountant who works with small business, so if you need help with your tax return in January he can help!

Another option for the window is Katherine Eeves latest knitted Santa beard patterns (£4 each) so you can create your own 'Winter Warmers!'

Santa makes a quick getaway from the shop laden with gifts in Fine Cell's SWAG bag (* *NEW IN * * for £45) HO HO HO!

1 comment:

Squiggling About said...

Keep it traditional with the nativity scene, its really sweet