Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fab's Top 10 green gifts

And herewith starts the Christmas gift ideas at Fabrications.... I will be posting up a few suggestions in the next few days. Kicking off with Fab's top 10 green gift ideas that are kind to the environment...

1) Shirt + Tie cushion (£40) by Barley Massey, old shirts + ties are lovingly washed unpicked and re fabricated into cushions.
2) Sun Jar (£20) by Tobias Wong for Suck UK, a jar that collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night.
3) Dot to Date (£12) by Dan Usiskin, a calender printed in a very friendly way that reveals a different London landmark each month with a box that turns into a frame.
4) Envelope Angel (£4.95) by Blue Marmalade, every envelope deserves another journey with these stylish sticky labels.
5) Rethink Rubbish - sustainable gift wrapping kit by Barley Massey (£10) Combine the Japanese art of Furoshiki with 3 vintage scarves and 2 handmade bows.
6) Gift Wrapping service at Fabrications (£1 - £2) If you don't want to DIY, we can do it for you! Pick a scarf from our display and we'll wrap your gift (you can bring in gifts purchase elsewhere!)
7) Why don't you (RE) design Christmas book (£9) by Re Design, make it yourself activities by 33 of (Re) Design's designers for a fun and thrifty Christmas. Includes Snowball pom poms and Woolly chains by Barley Massey.
8) Robin decorations sewing kit (£9.50) by Sparrow Kids. Get the little ones stitching up Xmas!
9) Eco - Frenzy badges (£3.50) by Mark Pawson. Recycling and ecology symbols to wear proudly.
10) Darn It! (£7.50) darning kit by Barley Massey. Everything you need to repair and refresh your wardrobe in the new year in a lovely embroidered bag.

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