Friday, 17 December 2010

Fab's Top 10 DIY gifts

A handmade gift is so much more personal, full of love and consideration, and you learn new skills and get the enjoyment factor from creating it, what more could a recipient ask for? Here are some ideas to help you on your way....

1) French Knitting kit (£5) by Wool-n-Dance. Create meters of knitted tubes, use up your wool ends and create woolly chain decorations, knitted jewellery or maybe even a coiled mat.
2) Create -it Flowery jewellery kit (£6.50) by the little experience. Never too young (or old) to make your own gifts! this kit contains pre cut flower pieces to thread together.
3) Cloth magazine winter issue (£3.50) by Real Design + Media. this magazine is such great value and always has really cool, stylish and thrifty step by step projects.
4) The knitted odd-bod bunch (£12.99) by Donna Wilson. Wow! Make a whole family of hand knitted Donna Wilson lovable creatures.
5) Rethink Rubbish - Create a fabulous fascinator (£10) by Barley Massey. Perfect for the party season - everything you need (including some rare vintage materials and haberdashery) to create 2 stylish hair accessories.
6) Bobby Dazler's Make your own Misfits (£12.99) by Fumie Kamijo + Rosie Short. 35 original and extraordinary animals to make and bring to life with a few stitches.
7) Tufty's beard pattern (£4 pattern, £8 kit) by Katherine Eaves. Apparently knitted beards are this year's winter warmers!
8) Fabrications gift voucher (£5, £10, £20 or combinations of!) Can be used for any of our classes or in the shop.
9) Wool-n-Dance 1/2 height giant needles (£20) + handspun wool (from £7.50 per scein) Quick fix knitting possibilities....
10) DIY Couture books (£9) by Rosie Martin. A beautiful series of instruction books that explain how to make items of clothing, making couture clothing affordable and affordable clothing non exploitative.

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