Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Belated Happy Christmas and new year wishes!

Thank you to all the C's for making 2010 flow memorably and happily

Creativity, Collaborations, Contributions, Catherine May (usually with a K) and of course all of Fabrications Customers!

I'm looking forward to what 2011 has in store. Fabrications has lots planned this year, including our expansion plan to extend the back of the shop to create a Terry Gilliam style 'Imaginarium', dedicated to our workshops and events (I'll keep you posted!)

In the meantime, the shop officially re opens this Saturday 8th January but I am having yet another sort out spring clean downstairs in my workshop this week, so if you need any supplies just knock on the door loudly if it's locked!

I am also currently planning our NEW workshop programme for Jan - March with some new teachers (eg: Rosie Martin author of the 'DIY Couture' books, on sale here for £9 will be making an appearance with her sewing machine....) and techniques on offer including beginners knitting, crochet, darning, mending + simple alterations, a taste of patchwork, embroidery + quilting, knitting tips + tricks + surgery..... dates + details will be going up on Fabrications calender shortly....

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