Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fab's Top 10 gifts for her

And last but very not least our selection for the ladies in your life.....

1) Neck Tie (£20) by Christene Gonzalez. An upcycled silk tie is simply and cleverly transformed into a stylish neck tie with vintage buckle.
2) Snowflake coasters (£13) by Donna Wilson. Laser cut felt to keep your tabletop or cup warm and protected!
3) Remember Me (£4.95) by Blue Marmalade. 10 reusable plant labels made from recycled plastic and a weather proof pencil.
4) Use my moustache to comb your lambswool (£4.50) by Donna Wilson. A handy devise to get rid of any unwanted woolly bobbles.
5) Remember Me commissioning service (starts at £20) by Barley Massey. See your cherished threads transformed into new items (your children's clothes, school uniform, a lost loved one...)
6) Tig (£25) by Donna Wilson. Another creature from Donna's quirky knitted family.
7) A coupon for having a great day (£2.50) by Knock Knock. It speaks for itself!
8) Head to Toe Knits (£12.99) by Bronwen Lowenthal. Lowie designer presents a collection of stylish hats, scarves, gloves, leg warmers and socks. There is also a great how to glossary at the back of the book!
9) Vintage knitting needle set (£10) from Barley + Belle redistribution centre.
10) Magnetic photo frame (£4.50) by Nick Fraser. Write it, post it, frame it!

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