Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Holy holes!

Last year I showed my house mate Claire some simple darning techniques, after she went through her wardrobe and discovered those naughty Hackney moths had targeted some of her favorite garments, including this DKNY knitted mustard yellow dress....

I love her approach to this large mending challenge! - treating the darning as if painting onto the dress from a palette of mustard yarns at the top which blends through to shades of brown that stand out. This dress has been totally transformed and given a new lease of life. With cheap clothing being so readily available mending and darning has become less of a necessity as it once was but perhaps it could become a desirable fashion statement to show off and be proud of restoration or a stand against fast fashion. It's not make do and mend but make and uplift! (thanks to Annie Sherburne for those words of wisdom!)

There are spaces still available on our 'Refresh your wardrobe' workshop on Sunday 13th February, where we invite you to go through your wardrobe and bring in a few items of clothing in need of repair or some love and attention. We will show you simple darning, patching and customising techniques. For more details and info on how to book visit the workshop section on our website.

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