Friday, 28 January 2011

Purls + Pillars of Wisdom

Knitting newsflash! Last Saturday I met Hackney resident Jenny Lord, author of 'Purls of Wisdom' published by penguin. I had read a few reviews but it was great to have a good look through the book and appreciate quite how brilliant this book is, as Rachael Matthews reviewed "Jenny Lord is a kind knitting tutor. Her instructions and illustrations are clear, the projects charming, the styling cool, the graphics subtle, and even the paper has a lovely smell"

It's a good book if you are new to knitting or brushing up or re learning. There are some cool knitting patterns (especially good for small gifts) but a majority of the book has step by step guides to all the different elements of knitting from starting, to shaping, to fancy stitches, to sorting out your mistakes! There is also a really interesting section on the history of knitting and how knitting has regained it's popularity.
Thank you Jenny + Penguin for getting 'Purls of Wisdom' onto Fabrications shelves so efficiently!

If you are anywhere near Tottenham Court Road this coming week, please go and check out Heals, I know I will be after meeting Cansu Aladag, who is currently studying sculpture at the Slade. From Sunday 30th January to Sunday 6th February Cansu will be knitting the pillar's of Heals. See Cansu in action as part of 'Heal's Reveals' initiative alongside other selected student's in residence who will be bringing their workshops into Heals for the week - including a DIY camera and developing suite made from welded pots n pans!

Meet Cansu, with one of her purchases from a selection of 'Wool-n-Boat' giant knitting needles and yarns which she plans to use to create her installation.

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