Thursday, 3 February 2011

Snap shot of Heals...

Following on from my last post, on Monday Knitty Gritty member Ros and I went to Heals to visit Cansu and the other selected Slade artists in residence.....

It was quite a hive of activity within the windows with all types of techniques and ideas being explored. We watched one student bravely roll out bright violet ink onto Heals shop window in preparation for a large mono print. Spoke to another who was creating/destroying/reconstructing warped out Beswick style pottery, while our new friend Cansu calmly kept knitting her pillar covers.

Our favorite installation was Alex Springer's experimental pin hole cameras made from old kitchen utensils and storage jars. He invited us to select one of the cameras and record something in store. Once the image was captured the utensil was then handed over and placed in a small dark room, through which Alex removed the photographic paper and developed the image - quicker than snappy snaps!

Look who we captured via the sugar jar!! (In the pin hole camera of my mind!)
Those knitted bearded ladies get everywhere!

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