Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Holier Holes

Picking up the threads of my previous post 'Holy Holes' where I suggested the possibility of sporting 'show off' or 'fashion statement' darning and mending patches. For those of you adverse to the time consuming labours of sewing Suzi Warren of Twisted Twee has a perfect and witty solution...Just pick up an iron and "Let them's as made the 'oles mend the 'oles"

There are 5 patches in a little screen printed drawstring bag.
On sale now at Fabrications!

And drawing even more attention to wear and tear defects -
Suzi's 'Stains without shame' iron on pointer patches!!


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!!! You will be out of stock in no time!

Fabrications said...

Thanks Skye!
Suzi is sending me more as I type! Both designs will be available