Friday, 11 February 2011

Heartfelt Haberdashery

We believe in having a good stock of quality love tokens (conditions may apply) all year around but we do have a few recommendations for Valentines...

Our Heartfelt Haberdashery cards imbued with magic, 100% Guaranteed.

Crochet hearts in a lovely presentation box by Monstify
(who created Fabrications fantastic Halloween Window)

Alternatively, why not hijack valentines day to love the world?

Many people will receive an unexpected Valentine this year, courtesy of crafty activist group Craftivist Collective, who aim to hijack Valentines Day. For the third year running, the collective will be hiding alternative Valentines letters and gifts in public across the UK including London, waiting to be found by unsuspecting members of the public and provoking them to think about the effects climate change is having on our global neighbours on this special day.

You can get involved too! Visit their website to download an alternative valentines letter template, there is also a hearty keyring design by Tatty Devine with a scroll onto which you can write "Love the earth" or "show your love" which you can include with the letter.

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