Friday, 18 February 2011

The iDo project

After valentine's day this week I thought it apt to share the iDo project with you, another example of stitching for love and resourceful in austere times.
The iDo project has been conceived by Laura as a way to afford a recession wedding, how?
To get her family and friends knitting iPhone cases of course! Read more about her story and meet the groom in this article by Peonies and Purls.

Here is Laura offering over the phone knitting guidance! Each iDo case is numbered and contains it's own story. Mine was knitted by Christene, the groom's auntie. Other friends are rallying round to help in other ways such as Claire Wrixon who took these photos.

Once the 400th case has found a home, Laura's army of knitters will put their needles down, have a rest and get ready for the big day! So come on down to Fabrications and show your support and keep your smart phone warm and stylishly protected for just £10.

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