Friday, 25 March 2011

Pass it forward

It's so exciting to see what customers create after a visit to Fabrications. Pass it forward has been in full force recently as everyone has seen a lots of potential in the bags of offcuts, ends of rolls, samples I've put out and have kindly been showing me how they've breathed new life into my textile treasures dug out of my basement studio.
Here is Jo Udall's life jacket piece titled "Blow whistle to attract attention"

" I bought a load of decaying latex scraps in the Fabrications sale. They looked as if they'd come from some dismembered, inflatable thing. The valves reminded me of the "top up" tubes on airline life-jackets; I always loved the optimism they express about human survival, even having the writing printed upside down so you can read it as you fall through the air....and a cheery whistle to blow as you bob about in the ocean. This one is completely lacking in function, apart from the whistle because its important to attract attention.....

Meanwhile local web designer and keen eco crafter Brenna Jensen created a quilt for her young son Merlin. Read her blog post about her experience of Fabrications sale and see her wonderful handmade goods on her blog 'cobbled together by Brenna'

I look forward to seeing more images of what been created after a Fabrications visit! Whether you picked up materials from our sale, or from the 'hagedashery' or as a result of attending one of our workshops. Please send them over to us. and we'd love to share them on our blog or facebook page (if you don't mind that is!)

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