Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mad in England

Good Morning! I've Been enjoying my morning cuppa even more since I received one of Carrie Reichardt special anarchy heirloom cups (manufactured in Stoke on Trent) - Thanks for the tip off Betsy!

In the lead up to the Royal Wedding frenzy, UK Renegrade potter Carrie Reichardt brought a twist to all things British at Ink_d Gallery by subverting many British establishment icons including Union Jacks, Royalty, quaint English Tea sets and dusty customs to reveal the Great British Empire as 'Cruel Britannia'.
Thank goodness someone did! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing her host an anarchist's street party, which got televised on Channel 4's 'The Unofficial Royal Wedding' which also featured the director of a street theatre company who got arrested for carrying a cardboard guillotine and a woman from Newcastle that had camped out for 2 days who turned more and more a shade of red, white and blue as the event got closer. We are a nation of extremes.
For some the wedding may have been a distraction to our current social and economic situation but I'm joining Carrie on her thought provoking 'Mad in England' productive line.


craftivista said...

You're more than welcome, Barley! And how adorable do you look with such a smart cuppa, too!! Huzzah for such lovely, crafty, smart pottery!

Fabrications said...

Thankyou Betsy! Great to hear from you, maybe one day our paths will cross. And yes its great to be a proud user/enjoyer of Carrie's work.