Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Get Real!

* * NEWS JUST IN * from Hannah, there are still places available on her bargain workshop as part of Hackney's Real Nappy week. Over to Hannah:

Create your own wetbag for storing nappies (and later perhaps wet clothes/ swim stuff!) and washable wet wipes at Thursday 19th May 1-2pm The Create Place in Bethnal Green. £2 for an hour workshop including materials and tuition. Limited buggy space available. Only 12 people per workshop so book asap!

Disposable wet wipes are just rubbish! They are expensive, can't be flushed down the toilet, are very slow to biodegrade, and often contain potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

It is thought that all the wet wipes ever used are still festering in landfill sites. Figures from N.America suggest that all the wipes purchased there in one year would fill 9,000 18-wheel trucks, stretching 68 miles, carrying 83,000 tonnes of used wipes! (The Ecologist 2008).

So get smart, save money and your baby's skin and make your own washable wipes and a wet bag from recycled textiles to keep them and your wet cloth nappies in.

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