Thursday, 19 May 2011

We are on the move.......

Come and wave us goodbye this Saturday as we embark on an exciting journey of renovation and rejuvenation here at Fabrications. On Monday building works commence to create an extension (Or 'Imaginerium') on the back of the shop. It's been 3 years in the planning, and I am excited that the show is on the road - a new Eco classroom space for even more workshops, events and collaborations.

I've moved out my workshop downstairs, which has become spacious echoing chambers now all my stuff is out!

Getting my floor peddled loom out was a challenge! We had to take off the legs and then we walked it out of the building. It has now been re assembled and installed into Fabrications temporary new home at 16 Broadway Market. We will be there for 4 months.

Katherine May has created a fantastic appliqued banner for us, which will go on display over our shop window, so you know where to find us during the build.
I will also be posting up the design and progress reports on the blog and Fabrications FB page, so please follow our news virtually!

* We would welcome any suggestions for what you'd like to experience in the new space, or perhaps you may have a workshop, event or exhibition you'd like to host.

* Any comments or feedback on what we've already done and how we could do it better would be much appreciated!


claire platt said...

oh wow! how exciting! hope it all goes well :)

Caroline B said...

I love Katherine's sign & can't wait to come an play in the Imaginerium!