Friday, 5 August 2011

Green Goddesses

Shoreditch Sister's July meeting focused on the environment. For those of you who may not have heard about them, they are my local WI group and have been incredibly successful is attracting a range of women of all ages and backgrounds to join the WI. As well as providing a meeting point, support network and skills exchange, they are also very active in campaigning for women's social injustices. Recent campaigns include female genital mutilation 'Embroideries'

WEN (the Women's environmental network) were invited to talk about their aims and the projects they are currently engaging in and I was invited to run a little crafting session, so I showed the sisters how to make a shopping bag out of an old t-shirt!

There was an even bigger turn out than usual apparently, following the Shoreditch Sisters interview on Radio 4's 'Womens Hour'. I found the meeting very open, welcoming and fun!
The secretary Caroline Brooks generously helped me in the Upcycling Workshop area last weekend at Vintage at the Southbank - which I will be reporting in my next post!

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