Monday, 5 December 2011

Why don't you (Re) Design Christmas?

"How about swapping some stressful shopping for a bit of creative Make It Yourself this Christmas? " So suggests the resourceful and DIY festive project book 'Why don't you (Re) design Christmas?' by Re Design, on sale at Fabrications, it is jam packed with step by step instructions to help you create beautiful decorations and personalised gifts from materials that would otherwise go to waste by a bunch of really COOL designers (Creation Out Of Landfill - a term I banded about back in early 2000 before the brilliant word Upcycling came along!)

Thanks to Hannah Judge Brown, sustainability manager at the Guardian, I was invited in to share a couple of projects I had included in the Re Design book including how to make 'Plarn' - plastic bag yarn, as featured on my little video (scroll down the blog!) and some Christmas tree decoration ideas, which participants are planning to make for the Guardian's office Christmas tree!

Here I am demonstrating how to make 'Plarn'!

This was a great prelude to a festive decorations workshop I'm planning at Fabrications on Saturday 17th December. I've teamed up with Rebecca Alderman, aka Girl with Beads, who will show you how to make your own Christmas wreath out of upcycled plastic bags, whilst I'm teaching pom pom making and french knitting to create a range of Christmas tree decorations, also out of upcycled plastic bags!

We hope lots of parents and children will attend as the techniques are family friendly and adults accompanying a child come free! Bring along your own plastic bags or use our collection. The session costs £20 and booking is required.

Fabrications wishes you a very happy, scrappy DIY Christmas! X X X X X X

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