Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Just for fun! I'm hosting a KNITLYMPICS event at Fabrications this Saturday!
Locally, I'm aware that so many people missed out on getting tickets to the Olympics or could not afford some of the high ticket prices and now with the recent empty seats controversy, my suggestion is to KNIT YOUR OWN!!

I've teamed up again with the brilliantly witty crafty publishers Collins & Brown to provide a once in a lifetime workshop to create your own KNIT TICKET (with lasting legacy long after the games!) Collins & Brown have kindly provided the pattern from their 'KNITLYMPICS' book, created by Carol Meldrum, currently on sale at Fabrications for £7.99

 The book is a lovely souvenir, which brings the characters (re create Usain Bolt for example) and sporting spirit to life in knit, accessible to both beginners and accomplished knitlympians.
All materials and refreshments provided and all attendees will receive a  special knit ticket pattern, so on your marks!! BOOK HERE

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