Friday, 3 August 2012

The Concious Alphabet Thief Mystery

A few months ago I put a request out on Fabrications Facebook page to see if anyone had seen our 'R'. Much to my disappointment on arrival at the shop that morning, I discovered the theft of the 'R' from Fabrications shop sign.

As I continued with my morning routine of opening the shutters, I looked over the road and noticed that the estate agent's Davistone or Da istone had lost their 'V'. It seemed too much of a coincidence so I decided to investigate the rest of Broadway Market.

Sure enough I discovered that the school uniform shop Trutex or Trut x had lost their 'E' and the urserverance had lost their 'P'. My morning was turning into a sureal game of Blockbusters or was Carol Vorderman loose in the street?

Last Sunday, I am happy to report dear readers that the Alphabet thief returned our 'R' through the letter box during the night. What's more all my neighbours have also received their letters back too!

We are very HAPPY to get them back but very mystified as to where our letters have been?? If you have sighted these letters anywhere, I would love to know more!!


Anonymous said...

THis is the best thing ever.
I haven't forgot the footage Barley.
It will show up mysteriously just like your letter 'R'

Fabrications said...

Hello Skye! I will look forward to receiving your footage in a mysterious way! Hope all is well with you. X
PS: you're not connected with the alphabet thief are you? I notice you've acquired more letters and symbols in your blogging name!!