Monday, 20 December 2010

Fab's Top 10 Hackney gifts

You won't believe your mince pies at this selection!

1) Clapton Pond - Bus blind cups (£9.50) by Michelle Mason. Hackney based designer Michelle Mason's finest bone china range.
2) I Love Hackney cross stitching kit (£10) by Clare Sams. Everything you need to learn how to cross stitch and make a lovely sampler.
3) East London Landmarks mugs (£8 each) by local architect Sara Godrich:
- The Rio cinema in Dalston.
4) The Hackney Empire
5) The Gasworks next to the Regents Canal and Broadway Market.
6) Hackney Sweet Hackney knitted sampler (£25) by Clare Sams. A small taste of Clare Sams's larger knitted tableaux which feature Hackney incidents such as 'The Hackney Siege' and the 'The fire at E.Gibbons' and Hackney people including 'The Mole man of Hackney'.
7) Felt taxi decoration (£5.50) by Michelle Mason. One of London's greatest services and icons and being next door to Cooke's Pie n Mash, lots of taxi's pull up for re fuelling!
8) Shite Food T-Towel (£8.95) by Hackney graphic designer Toby Leigh aka Tobytron stuff. The t-towel features a number of locally sourced delights including Special Brew and fried chicken.
9) I Love Hackney knitted purse (£15) by Clare Sams. Ideal for any spare change.
10) Greetings from Hackney postcard (60p) by the Caravan Gallery. Features local scenes including Hackney city farm.

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